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I have been working with Brown & Carlson for over 16 years.  In particular, I have worked with Gina Uhrbom for the last 15 years and she is a great asset to those in the claims industry.  However, all of the professional’s at Brown & Carlson provide the highest level of professionalism, knowledge, dedication, and expertise that is greatly appreciated by myself, my employer, and my clients.  I am consistently impressed by Gina’s aggressive approach and willingness to think outside the box to fit our clients’ particular set of circumstances.

I have also attended many of their seminars and find them to be extremely helpful in keeping me updated on new case laws, rules, and regulations.  Overall, this firm is a fabulous partner to our claims service department and I look forward to working with them for many more years.

Adriene Henderson

Field Claims Specialist, Strategic Comp, A Division of Great American Insurance Group

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I co-founded Brown & Carlson, PA., in 1992. That year started with George Bush as President and ended with Bill Clinton as the President-elect. On average, the cost of a gallon of gas was $1.05. The Mall of America opened.

In the backdrop of these events, we wanted to create a law firm that would provide high-quality, collaborative, pragmatic, and effective insurance defense services at reasonable and competitive rates. We started with seven attorneys and seven support staff. We did not have e-mail or internet. Phone messages came on small sheets of paper. Correspondence was dictated, typed, and sent through the U.S. mail. If we wanted to communicate instantaneously, the only way to do so was by telephone.

Much has happened since 1992. Since then, we have had steady and sustained growth. We now have 27 attorneys and 35 support staff.

The World is a very different place from when we started the firm. Technology and modes of communication have changed dramatically. Litigation is moving at an ever faster pace.

One thing that has not changed, however, is our commitment to excellence. We look forward to serving you in the decades to come.

Doug Brown
Founding Senior Shareholder/Attorney


Brown & Carlson recognizes that your choice of counsel reflects upon your organization. Our philosophy is simple – we represent our clients as we would want to be represented.

Our reputation for prompt service and quality representation comes from years of litigation experience. We strive to consistently keep our clients fully advised of case developments, offer unmatched accessibility and responsiveness to client communications, and make every effort to achieve the results that our clients desire. Time-sensitive projects are handled in an efficient and expedient manner, and are welcomed.

Brown & Carlson is an AV rated firm by Martindale-Hubbell, representing their highest nationwide peer review ratings for both ethical standards and legal ability.

We partner with our clients to achieve their business goals. Our success as a law firm is evidenced by our extensive client list and high level of repeat referrals. We create an unrivaled attorney-client experience, which results in long-term relationships. We recruit and retain individuals that share our professional philosophies, values, and work ethic. At Brown & Carlson, we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations. In the end, our goal is to be the firm chosen to represent your interests, now and into the future.


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