Words from our clients

The Firm’s experienced lawyers provide a professional approach to the practice of law, providing the highest level of legal expertise and advice for workers compensation litigation. My experience is that the firm takes pride in their team approach and endeavor to go above and beyond to meet our needs. I have the utmost confidence in the firm’s lawyers to handle the matters with integrity and vigorous advocacy.

Marsha Studer, RN, MPH

Director, Allina Health Organizational Safety, Allina Health

Our office has had the pleasure working with Brown & Carlson for over 17 years. We have several local clients that utilize the firm. Our adjusters on the programs find all of the attorneys in this firm to be down to earth and very interested in providing professional representation of their claims. I have seen extensive growth in the firm and new talent has been added over the past 13 years.

The firm believes in true partnerships and working together with our clients – to provide professional results. I feel they have the experience and integrity needed to reduce your litigation and overall claims cost.

Kevin H. Frommelt

Branch Manager-Minneapolis, Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc.

Brown & Carlson has been working on the Best Buy account since February 2007. They have been a vital partner to our Workers’ Compensation team, and aggressively defends Best Buy’s interests as if they were their own. Brown & Carlson are versatile attorneys, and get results with any adjuster we have had on our account. Brown & Carlson, gets the job done ethically, within budget, and on time. I always recommend Brown & Carlson.

Christopher Rogge

Risk Manager, Workers’ Compensation, Best Buy Co., Inc.

I have been working with Brown & Carlson for over 16 years.  In particular, I have worked with Gina Uhrbom for the last 15 years and she is a great asset to those in the claims industry.  However, all of the professional’s at Brown & Carlson provide the highest level of professionalism, knowledge, dedication, and expertise that is greatly appreciated by myself, my employer, and my clients.  I am consistently impressed by Gina’s aggressive approach and willingness to think outside the box to fit our clients’ particular set of circumstances.

I have also attended many of their seminars and find them to be extremely helpful in keeping me updated on new case laws, rules, and regulations.  Overall, this firm is a fabulous partner to our claims service department and I look forward to working with them for many more years.

Adriene Henderson

Field Claims Specialist, Strategic Comp, A Division of Great American Insurance Group

Sedgwick CMS has worked with Brown & Carlson for over 10 years handling workers compensation claims. I have attended numerous Mediations with Jeff Carlson and found him very helpful in getting cases resolved well under our client’s authority. I find him a great negotiator and very experienced in his field. I’ve worked with Tom Maguire very extensively and find him very professional, informed, and creative in resolving claims. I’ve also enjoyed working with Gina Uhrbom and Tim Manahan. We have a number of clients that have chosen Brown & Carlson to represent them and we find their firm very professional, well respected and helpful in reducing litigation costs. Any time we call for a general question, they are always very pleasant and willing to assist.

Cindy L . Weingart

Claims Team Lead - WC, Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc.

I have been very impressed with the outcomes Brown & Carlson has been able to obtain and their overall file handling. I am very appreciative of their documentation and communication skills. Brown & Carlson keeps us informed throughout the process, and works closely with our management team to make sure our matters are handling in the best possible manner.

Kim Homick

Human Resources/Safety Coordinator, Cloquet Community Memorial Hospital

I have worked with many of the attorneys at Brown & Carlson over the years.  Our insurance company authorizes us to select any defense law firm we choose.  My company chose Brown & Carlson, P.A. based on case outcomes, quality of service, and industry knowledge.  The attorneys are appropriately aggressive and always professional.  They do an exceptional job of selecting appropriate cases to negotiate and settle, and are thoroughly prepared to try those cases that should be tried.  We are very pleased with our relationship with Brown & Carlson

Tony Hanson

Director of Human Resources, Consolidated Precision Products-Minneapolis