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Attorneys Eric Hayes and Fritz Hauschild defeat complicated contribution claim

Attorneys Eric Hayes and Fritz Hauschild were able to successfully defeat a contribution claim initiated by a co-defendant and supported by the employee.  In support of the alleged contribution claim, both the employee and the co-defendant obtained separate orthopedic opinions buttressing the theory that the employee’s current knee condition actually related back to the original knee injury, and not to the more recent injury being defended by the co-defendant.  However, the court disregarded those opinions as unpersuasive, relying in part on the testimony of the employee on cross-examination that he had no pain for approximately 10 years after the original injury.  The result eliminated any current or ongoing exposure for Eric and Fritz’s client, and assigned 100% of the liability for the employee’s current knee condition to the more recent alleged injury being defended by the co-defendant.

Order Governing the Continuing Operations of the Minnesota Judicial Branch due to COVID-19 Pandemic issued by Minnesota Supreme Court

The Minnesota Supreme Court issued an Order Governing the Continuing Operations of the Minnesota Judicial Branch due to COVID-19 Pandemic. The following practice modifications apply to civil district court proceedings:

– Courts will continue to process cases.

– No civil jury trials will occur from November 20, 2020, until February 1, 2021.

– All civil proceedings will occur via remote technology unless the Chief Judge grants an exception for in-person proceedings.

– No person attending a proceeding may record the proceeding; the only permitted recording is the official recording created by the court and via media upon meeting specific criteria.

New Senior Shareholder and Shareholders

Brown & Carlson is pleased to announce Nicholas J. Micheletti has been added as a Senior Shareholder.  Nick’s trial skills, client relationships, leadership, and character qualities all contributed to his promotion.

In recognition of their contribution to Brown & Carlson, are pleased to announce Sean M. Abernathy and Kathryn L. Hammers have added as Shareholders.

We look forward to their contribution to the future success of the firm and their role in ensuring that our mission to provide unmatched legal services to our clients will be preserved for years to come.  Congratulations Nick, Sean and Katie!

Brown & Carlson Employees Give Gift to People Serving People

On behalf of the Senior Shareholders at the employees of Brown & Carlson generously took up collection for a donation to People Serving People. The gift was presented to the shareholders at the annual Holiday Party held on December 13th at Green Acres Event Center in Eden Prarie.

shareholders donation

Pictured above  from left to right are Doug Brown, Gina Uhrbom, Eric Hayes, Tom Maguire, Carrie Jacobson, Greg Broos, and Mark Pryor after receiving their ornaments commemorating the gift to People Serving people.

A new Senior Shareholder, Nicholas Micheletti, was also announced at the Holiday Party.

Penny Helgren wins at the Supreme Court

July 31, 2019 – the Minnesota Supreme Court issued a Decision reversing the Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Court of Appeals (W.C.C.A.) with regard to Noga v. Minnesota Vikings Football Club.  The Supreme Court determined that the Employee’s claim was barred by the statute of limitations under Minn. Stat. § 176.151.  The Employee failed to file a claim within six years from the date of the alleged injury.  Minn. Stat. § 176.151 (a).  The Supreme Court concluded that nothing suggested that, at the time the Vikings provided care to the Employee, the Vikings knew, or should have known, that the Employee would develop the dementia injury.  The Supreme Court held that a proceeding that satisfies the statute of limitations must arise out of the Employer’s awareness of an obligation of the benefits provided.  Read more.

ArcBest Workers’ Compensation Legal Conference

On April 8, 2019, Attorneys Richard Plagens (retired) and Darren Glur attended the ArcBest Workers’ Compensation Legal Conference at the corporate headquarters of ArcBest in Fort Smith, Arkansas.  ArcBest is the self-insured parent company of ABF Freight, a valued Brown & Carlson client.  There were 34 attorneys from 24 States attending the Conference.  Richard and Darren were able to learn more about the Company’s practices and procedures regarding workers’ compensation claims and their business in general.  They enjoyed gaining additional knowledge about ArcBest that will assist them in defending workers’ compensation claims and they were also intrigued by discussing workers’ compensation matters with attorneys from other jurisdictions.  ArcBest presented a first-class conference!

Darren Dick ArcBest

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